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Kaylee Cahoon

Kaylee Cahoon LMT, BCSI, CPI

Kaylee received her formal Pilates education and certification from Core Dynamics Pilates in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kaylee was first introduced to Pilates as a method of injury prevention for dancers at the North Carolina School of the Arts in 1985. Her exposure and training in other movement therapy modalities such as Feldenkrais Method, Irene Dowd's work, Eric Franklin's work, as well as her own movement explorations, have dramatically enriched her movement based teachings. She is often referred by the medical community for injury prevention, developing core stability, and biomechanical problem solving.

Kaylee is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Tennessee. She is also a certified Structural Integrator via Tom Myers' international program, Kinesis Myofascial Integration (please see the Structural Integration page for more info on this type of work). Kaylee is passionate about mind-body connection and how it relates to overall health and vitality. Her session work blends her movement and massage therapy techniques to create a new method of therapeutic exercise and healing.

Through her experiences of traveling the world as a professional dancer with modern dance pioneer Alwin Nikolais, and teaching dance to children and teens for over twenty years, Kaylee has developed a keen eye and respect for the human movement potential. She is blessed to have an amazingly supportive husband and two beautiful children that inspire her to continue in her life's work in movement education.

Jana Christensen


Jana Christensen, CPI

Jana has been teaching Pilates since 2004. Her lengthy Pilates education began with a 14 day intensive workshop at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. She continued her training with both Power Pilates and Core Dynamics Pilates, taking their full certification comprehensive courses. Jana’s certification and preferred style of teaching is through Core Dynamics Pilates in Santa Fe, NM.

With a long history in movement education, Jana grew up in the dance world. She is presently a dance instructor for the Franklin School of Performing Arts, teaching Jazz, Ballet and Creative Movement to children and teens. Jana has special affection for classical jazz dance, having had the opportunity to study with many of the pioneers of jazz dance in America.

Jana’s goals for her clients are to have a better understanding of their own bodies and to apply Pilates principals into their everyday life! When Jana is not teaching Pilates and dance, she is spending time with her family and friends.

Robbin Robertson

Robbin Robertson, CPI

Robbin is an enthusiastic Pilates advocate. Her passion for Pilates is reflected in her teaching as she has personally realized substantial physical and emotional benefits from her Pilates practice. Robbin is excited to have the opportunity to partake in sharing these benefits with each of her clients. Exercise has always been a huge part of Robbin's life. Until she found Pilates, she wasn't able to achieve her goal of having long and lean muscles.

As a wife, mother, and now grandmother, Robbin is blessed with a full life. Her Pilates practice aides her in keeping active to play with both the children and adults in her life as she is also an elementary school teacher and author. Family, Friends, and Faith are what Robbin holds most dear.

Robbin is certified by the Pilates Education Group and Core Dynamics Pilates. She has studied with Pilates icons such as Michele Larsson and Kevin Bowen and continues her Pilates education abroad.

Maggie Parker
Maggie Parker

Maggie Parker is a teacher and practitioner of Pilates with more than twenty years experience. The primary purpose of the Pilates Method is to help people move better, feel better, and live their daily lives with more energy and ability to do the things they love. Maggie recognizes this, and wants her clients to find joy in movement and discover possibilities in movement that they didn’t know they had. She keeps each client’s personal goals in mind while teaching with compassion and a sense of humor.

Maggie began her Pilates training in the mid-eighties training with one of Joseph Pilates’ students, Ron Fletcher. Later, she graduated the prestigious Pilates Center of Boulder’s advanced teacher training. Maggie has had her own Pilates studio in Boulder, CO, and then, in Austin, TX. before moving back to her hometown of Nashville to begin teaching at Pilates of Cool Springs.

Besides teaching Pilates, Maggie is also an artist, and was commissioned by the St. Aton Foundation to create a sculpture of Ron Fletcher for his birthday in 1998. A former dancer, sidelined by an injury, many of her sculptures are of dancers expressing movement. A long time equestrian, Maggie is passionate about horses and is also a certified Equine Structural Integration Practitioner.